(E) Tuning Tutoring

Keith Kopp, RPT, Utah Valley Chapter and Jim Geiger, RPT, Heart of Texas Chapter

There’s no better way to improve your tuning than one-on-one tutoring with a master tuner. Private tutoring will benefit you no matter what your skill level. You’ll be amazed at how much working with an outstanding tutor can increase your knowledge and skills. This all takes place in an individualized format lasting 90 minutes. Limited time slots available.  You must pre-register for this class by calling (913) 432-9975. Fee:  $120.00.


Joachim Leonardy is making the trip from Germany to join Michael Spreeman, RPT to instruct a class on Grand Piano Construction. This is a unique opportunity to gain insight from two master piano builders from two continents. Leonardy will also present "Understanding Voicing," a class designed to give a deeper understanding of approaching voicing in different situations, and why.


Wim Feldhaus and Frans Pietjouw will visit from the Netherlands to instruct with David Stanwood, RPT. They introduce a brand new software tool from the Precision Touch Design Academy Europe designed to help technicians implement the Stanwood Touch Weight Metrology system. Stanwood will also present a class explaining Hammer Weight Balancing, a key step in the process of refining the touch of a piano.


Those seeking a boost in business and marketing techniques have much to look forward to. Marketing expert, Jamie Turner, is an author, speaker, and frequent guest on national television programs. He will explain how to take advantage of social media to grow our businesses. Timothy Barnes, RPT will also be back, offering a new class, in addition to the brilliant business classes that made quite an impact last year in Chicago.

Choosing the right set of hammers for a piano can be challenging, and the results can be less predictable than we'd like to admit. Until now, we've lacked any real standard or quantifiable method for predicting how a particular type of hammer is likely to sound when installed.  In "How Piano Hammers Work," Del Fandrich, RPT introduces a new method for measuring the response of piano hammers.  We tend to talk about the properties of hammers in very vague terms and this exciting development provides a new way for the industry to speak the same language.


Another new first will come in the form of C. Bechstein's involvement this year. Werner Albrecht will arrive from Germany to join Michael Lipnicki, RPT in presenting "160 Years Strong: A History of Bechstein Then and Now." He will also teach "C. Bechstein Grand Piano Maintenance," covering all aspects of grand piano maintenance, including tuning stability, touch and tone techniques, and time management.


Eric Schandall, RPT will once again cross the Atlantic to present two new classes; one that takes the mystery out of some of our more challenging tasks, and one that compare the voicing techniques used for New York Steinway hammers versus Renner type hammers.

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