2015 Wrap Up!

A special online edition of the Journal's annual convention coverage - featuring a comprehensive overview from the editor, an Associate's unique perspective and several class reviews.


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Convention Slide Show

Award Winners!

Anne Garee, RPT

Member of Note

Bruce Stevens, RPT
Hall of Fame

David Hughes, RPT
Jack Greenfield Award

Christopher Storch, RPT
Examiner of the Year

Montal Award: Fred Sturm, RPT, Joyce Meekins, RPT
and Mario Igrec, RPT

Election Results:

( 2015-16 Board )

During this year’s Council elections, Phil Bondi, RPT, was elected president, Paul Brown, RPT, was elected vice president and Paul Adams, RPT, was elected secretary-treasurer. Marc Poulin, RPT, replaced Patrick Draine, RPT, as North East RVP. George W.R. “Bill” Davis, RPT replaced Wesley Hardman, RPT as South East RVP. Mike Ello, RPT, replaced Jim Geiger, RPT, as South Central RVP. Larry Messerly, RPT, replaced Maria Pollock, RPT, as Central East RVP. Mark Purney, RPT replaced Larry Messerly, RPT, as Western RVP and Jeff Hickey, RPT, replaced Dan McElrath, RPT, as Pacific Northwest RVP.

A summary of 2015 Council activities will be included with your summer RVP newsletter

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Larry Crabb's

36th Annual PTG Barbershop Chorus

download a complete
.mp3 of the concert